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Jorg Gray Watches

The story of Jorg Gray began ten years ago, when the line was introduced as a private-label, luxury watch line for the Fortune 500 elite. Voted the number one watch brand in the premium market, Jorg Gray attracted the attention of the United States Secret Service, who requested the JG6500 to be customised with the organisation’s seal.

As fate would have it, the then Senator Barack Obama received one of the watches as a gift for his 46th birthday. He has since worn his Jorg Gray watch on such historical occasions as his presidential election victory speech, the inaugural swearing-in ceremony, inaugural balls and the signing of his first Presidential Proclamation.

It is a true testimony to Jorg Gray that President Obama, a man who is admired and emulated around the world for his great character, strength, integrity and elegant simplicity, would wear a brand and a timepiece, that displays the same qualities.

The Jorg Gray line is revered for its meticulously crafted timepieces that combine styling, materials and colours that appeal to today’s men and women, while maintaining a respect for tradition – all at an affordable price.

In direct response to the unprecedented interest shown by watch enthusiasts worldwide, Jorg Gray released the commemorative edition JG6500 timepiece, which is available in a solid stainless steel case, in either a silver, bronze or rose-gold finish.

A watch for the people – as worn by the President.

Visually striking, bold in design, our timepieces combine, styling, materials, and colour to appeal to the modern, new generation, while maintaining a respect for traditional principles of precision and attention to detail.